About us

Kluz Ventures is a values-driven investment firm.

We invest in sectors that will revolutionize our world and drive future growth.

Our goals

We have two primary and related goals:

  1. Empowering human flourishing & technological development by investing in the greatest companies of tomorrow and,

  2. Providing long-term world-class returns to our trusted investors.

Our commitment

Kluz Ventures is backed by the world’s leading families, entrepreneurs and family offices and understands their unique needs.

We are committed to building long-term partnerships and relationships.

We see the world beyond the horizons of investing and execute our mission to lead new generations by example. Beyond investing, Kluz Ventures engages in a number of exciting initiatives that explore the impact of technology and shape the future of humanity and the world.

Our three simple rules

  1. Trust is everything to us

  2. We never follow the crowd

  3. Curiosity is our opening to the future

Our perspective

We believe that the world is going through a cycle of disruptive innovation.

This means that new technologies are emerging that are fundamentally changing the way we live and work.

These technologies are creating new frontiers, new winners, and new losers.

Over the last 25 years, technology investors have shifted away from backing truly transformational technologies to more conventional inventions. Generalists were able to grow rich in this environment.

The future presents more complex, scientific, and engineering problems. These require more advanced technological solutions.

Today, technology is not 100% secular but also cyclical. Easy monetary and fiscal conditions have been mistaken for secular growth. This requires a pivot from buy & hold to active exposure management.

To succeed in this environment, investors need to have a flexible mindset, be actively involved in managing their portfolios, and have a multi-strategy approach. They also need to have sector expertise, as this will allow them to identify the winners in the new economy.

Our edge

  • We cover the full cycle of the investment process - early, growth, and public.

  • We create value by combining two complementary mindsets - venture capital and hedge fund.

  • We consider ourselves true fundamental value investors, despite our focus on high-growth technology-enabled businesses. Rather than just investing in companies like traditional venture capital funds, we take a portfolio management approach to portfolio construction.

  • We are a process-driven organization. Employing one, simple, unified investment and management process across all of our strategies allows us to make better investments decisions.

  • We use our unique infrastructure to get access to the best deal flow, generate investment ideas, and select and manage our investments.

  • We utilize our team of subject matter experts in assessing new technologies and business models to separate winners and losers, as well as managing active portfolio.

  • We are focusing on a few, but great, businesses and employ a concentrated portfolio in our best ideas across our public and private strategies which allows for very significant upside over the long-term. We are picking wonderful businesses - we are not stock pickers.

  • We take a long-term investment approach where we think in terms of decades, not months or years.