We are ardent believers in the power of technology to drive a global culture of genuine human flourishing, meeting the current and future needs of all people.

We want our investments to accelerate this flourishing.

That’s why we are constantly working to inform and advance our thought-leadership in technology investing.

We do so by actively engaging global leaders, experts, policy-makers, businesspeople, academics, artists, and faith leaders through our participation in select global initiatives exploring technology’s impact on the future of the world.

Kluz Prize for PeaceTech

Kluz Prize for PeaceTech

The Kluz Prize for PeaceTech is an annual initiative designed to celebrate, recognize, and propel the innovative use of emerging technologies to foster peace, reduce conflict, and safeguard human dignity and universal human rights across the globe.

The Prize is dedicated to individuals, organizations, or initiatives, particularly those initiated by the younger generation and the tech community, including entrepreneurs, engineers, programmers, scientists, startups, accelerators, and venture capitalists.

It recognizes their distinguished achievements in peacebuilding, peacemaking, peacekeeping, or peace enforcement efforts, contributing to the development of a local, national, and global PeaceTech movement.

The Art of Negozio

The Art of Negozio at The Medici Archive Project in Florence is a leading initiative focused on the research and application of the Medici family and the Renaissance concept of negozio; and translating them into a cogent contemporary compass.

The project envisions becoming the catalyst for a new generation of global leaders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists to focus on and contribute to human flourishing.

We are trying to understand the reason, logic, and synergies between the two superpowers: the Renaissance and the current Technological Revolution, which began in Silicon Valley in the 20th century.

We are also trying to address some of the crucial questions: What was the impact of technology on Renaissance splendor, leadership, discovery, politics, finance, and society? What were the benchmarks of leadership, success, and wealth? What lessons can be learned from the Renaissance, Machiavelli, Medici (and non-Medici) experience?

Finally, we explored an unanswerable question today; who are our global leaders of tomorrow? Technologists? Venture capitalists? Entrepreneurs? Or maybe philosophers who understand man and his dignity? The project will produce various research papers, workshops, and a book. Founded in 2022.

Global PeaceTech Hub

Founded in 2021, the Global PeaceTech Hub at the European University Institute in Florence is a leading global initiative focused on peace-building through the application of new technologies and policy-making.

It is a hub where researchers, peacebuilders, tech companies, and change-makers come together to investigate the role of technology in building peace across international borders.

The Centre for Technology and Global Affairs

The University of Oxford’s Centre for Technology & Global Affairs is the foremost global initiative focused on policy-making and regulations for breakthrough technologies.

Founded in 2017, the Centre produces research on the transformative effects of modern technology on international relations.