Kluz Ventures manages three global equity strategies (private venture capital – early/growth equity; public long/short equity; and fund of funds) supported by a research-driven, growth-oriented and concentrated long-term investment approach.

We are obsessed with and focus on three multi-trillion dollar tech economies:

  1. New Space
  2. New Health
  3. Transformative Technologies

By the numbers

Founded in 2016.

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offices in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco with global reach (US, EU, UK, Switzerland, Israel)


  1. The Trinity Fund

    The Trinity Fund is our equity hedge fund that employs a concentrated, research-intensive, and long-term investment approach.

    Our actively managed strategy seeks non-correlated, asymmetric returns through highly concentrated investments exhibiting inflecting secular or cyclical tailwinds and event-driven special situations.


  1. The Flying Object

    The Flying Object is a global sector-focused venture capital fund that has an existing portfolio of assets across the Technology of Flight including space, space health, satellites, drones, and synergistic areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, robotics, connectivity, security, and alternative energy.

  2. Novit Ventures

    The New Health is a venture fund focused on the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

    Areas of focus include artificial intelligence tech in prevention, diagnostics, screening, monitoring, therapeutics, data analytics, virtual care & care robotics, drug discovery, and digital pharmaceuticals.

  3. The Next Impact

    The Next Impact is a global special situations venture capital and growth fund.

    The Next Impact is investing, building, and innovating in transformative technologies including artificial intelligence, WealthTech, FinTech, blockchain, cybersecurity, augmented & virtual reality, alt energy, and semiconductors.

Fund of funds

  1. The Fund of Funds strategy invests in trusted and exceptional venture capital managers focused on deep tech and fully synergetic to Kluz Ventures’ private and public strategies.